Friday, January 20, 2006

What a Native Teacher and his Students have got to say about ROJ TV

The fact is that closing down ROJ TV will not solve Turkey's problems.

Any Kurdish voice is an indication of the will of a group of devoted people whose efforts join the painful uproar of their nation. Thevoice of ROJ TV have several times been the target of useless effortsby Turkish generals. ROJ TV is the voice of a nation who is deprived of freedom of expression and thought in her own language!

It is absolutely clear that in Turkish democracy nobody has the rightto say "no" to the unjust human right policy of Turkish state, to the dividing human beings and classify them as first and second class!

Even now it is more obvious for every school boy that Turkish statepolicy makers do not possess the slights believe in a world withouttragedy. All their efforts are to impose a totalitarian system, thatis to ridicule with the principles of democracy. Its perpetrators mustbe condemned! but on the contrary now they have become "claimants" and ask for strangling the truth.

I, as a Kurdish teacher from Eastern Kurdistan would like to expressthat my students and I join our voices with all those voices who believe in freedom of speech . we condemn the fearing efforts ofTurkey for closing down ROJ TV. At the same time we laugh at them, we boast about ourselves to have such a great impact on their smallworld.

Salah Ilmizadeh