Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kurdish students in Wirme (Urmia) declare their support

For ROJ TV and freedom of Expression

Several groups of high school and University students in Wirme (Iran)
in a letter to Danish embassy in Tehran declare their support for ROJ TV .
Part of the letter reads : " Roj TV is the voice of Kurdish people in Eastern Kurdistan, it is the voice of oppressed people in the region. The only opportunity for Kurdish people in Iran to express their just demands is through ROJ TV . The political regime in Turkey and all other oppressors of Kurds want to condemn Kurds to silence and submission, that is why they want to cut all means which could make Kurdish views known…
We expect Danish authorities to respect the expectations of Kurdish people and remain loyal to the universal principle of freedom of expression even for Kurds"

( source: www.rojhilat.org )