Saturday, February 25, 2006

In suport of the best Kurdish TV, RojTV

I am writing these lines to give my full support to Roj TV, I believe this is the best time to support Denmark's decision to continue letting RojTV reporters be present at the press conferences rather than Turkish goverment leaders who deny all Kurdish rights in Turkey.

RojTV is the only Kurdish television which reaches out to all Kurds around the world and specfically in the countries where we Kurds exist.

European nations have always fought for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, one of the most fundamental vlaues of EU is freedom of expression. RojTV is one of the true voices of Kurdish people's voices. The EU and especailly the government of Denmark will be fully supported by Kurds and in my belief have the responisibility of continuing the protection of their fundamental value of freedom of expression by the Kurds against the oppressing Turkish government.

The legacy left from the Ottoman Empire for the current Turkish goverment and more specifically to AKP's government needs European pressure to be removed from our new world where everyone including us, Kurds have the right of freedom of speech and broadcasting in our mother language.

RojTV is playing a great role of letting the world know what Kurds are trying to say as we continue suffering from two of the axis of evil countries as defined by president Bush; Syria and Iran both, and the Turkish governement which is known for its very bad records of human rights.

RojTV is educating Kurds,
RojTV is broadcasting Kurdish voices,
RojTV is the symbol of freedom of expression of the Kurdish persecution,
RojTV is another TV built on Denmark's freedom of broadcast,
RojTV is unearthing Turkish governement's persecution that is why they don't like it.

I appeal to the people and governemnt of Denmark to uphold its brave decision of protecting freedom of expression and broadcast ask them to support RojTV