Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mahabad on ROJ TV

Mahabad is a social, cultural and literary magazin in Kurdish (middle – Kurdish) and Persian and since 2001 is printed and published in Mahabad, Eastern Kurdistan . Mahabad in its latest issue , No.58,January 2006 refers to slandering campaign against ROJ TV and among other things writes: " The military wing ( of Turkey ) aiming to annihilate Kurdish movemet have intensified their pressures through diplomatic channels on Denmark to silence the voice of ROJ TV. In the past two months , most of the Kurdish inhabited towns and cities of Turkey have been turned into demonstration grounds and opposition against Turkey's attempts for closing down this media outlet. All these positions of Turkey are contrary to the principles of human rights and the obligations of Turkey vis-à-vis Europe.

The question is ! Those governments which do not hide their fear from reflection of facts and consider a satellite channel as the greatest enemy , possess slightest sincerity in their claims for democracy ?

Source: Mahabad, no.58, p.5