Monday, February 20, 2006

Mr. Abdollah Shekarchi has the following to say in support of ROJ TV

The history of relationship of the Turkish Government and it's large Kurdish population has been one of oppression, brutality, and total disregard for Kurds' basic human rights over the past century.

Roj TV is providing a wonderful platform for political discourse and cultural awareness for the Kurds across the globe, and in particular the many millions of Kurds in the Middle East and the greater Kurdistan.

It is no surprise that, continuing with it's past bad behavior the Turkish Government is using all its leverage to silence Roj TV, to hinder and suppress any expression of the Kurdish cultural heritage, and furthering political suffrage of Kurds.

It is incumbent upon the Danish Government and peace loving citizens of Denmark not to become a party and instrument of such absured and bankrupt policies, but rather assist broadcastors such as Roj TV and others to stay on the air.