Thursday, February 23, 2006

A new concept from Turkish Government against Roj TV

ANKARA (21.02.2006)- Turkish Government, which is not satisfied with its attempts to closing down Danish based Kurdish television Roj TV, is planning new strategy against Roj TV.

The action plan consists of 61 articles which was finalised by the High Commission of Struggle with Terror (TMYK), will prosecute every person who participate in Roj TV programs, either by phone or visit their studios in Europe. According to TMYK's action plan these trials will be held on Turkish soil.

Principally it is stipulated to accuse the offenders with terror charges. This will include any politician, academician, writer, singers, artist to ordinary citizens who break the new legislation.

The Turkey 's aggression against Roj TV caused enormous reaction from international media, whilst hundreds of famous intellectuals, artists and politicians have been sending letters to Danish Government to reconsider any closure of Kurdish Television ROJ TV.