Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A day at Roj TV

I was surprised, that I was invited as a Dutchman to the Kurdish tv-station Roj TV. After some interruptions I travelled to Belgium and I was given a warm welcome by Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan at ROJ TV. After a tour into the studios and a short view into the live show of the Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc and some interesting conversations with Hesen Qazi,I left for the hotel. I was thinking in my bed at a hotel room how strange live can be. It all started with an assignment for school and now I will be on Kurdish television.

The show went well, I could notice that by the amount of reactions I got. Directly I was invited by several people from different parts of Kurdistan and I was overwhelmed with reactions and praises. My dayƩ (mother) was also proud of me, because I had shown a part of my family history on Kurdish television. "My mother has never thought that would happen", but still she said "but tomorrow you'll have to work on university studies , instead of Azady [A Kurdish website]".

A proud Kurd said that his grandpa, who passed away four years ago, wanted, like me, to be part of liberation of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. This reminds me again of my own grandfather, who was shot by the German troops, just before Netherlands was liberated by the brave Americans. If only America could really free the Kurds, by giving them an own independent state!

I am happy, that Kurds are a part of my live now. I hope the Kurds will get closer to each other and achieve Kurdish unity. Except for some drunken fools, most Kurds in their heart filled with fire, want Kurdish unity.

I hope all Kurdish organisations in Holland will become an example for the rest of the Kurdish world and also an example for the Dutch society.

I want to thank everyone for the reactions and also Roj TV. Let's hope that Turkey doesn't succeed in closing Roj TV and that every day, is another step towards Kurdish unity and independence. Azady is for independence and therefore will always stay independent!

Biji Kurdistan,

Vladimir van Wilgenburg