Sunday, March 05, 2006

The renowned Turkish writer and actor Vedad Turkali give his explicit support to ROJ TV.

Turkali in spite of his age and health condition participated in a special program at ROJ TV's main studio on Sunday evening 26 Feb 2006, to expose the bullying and uncivilised threats of Turkish government against freedom of expression.

Vedat Turkali's imprint on Turkish literature is vividly accounted for, he also has been active in democratic movement in Turkey. Apart from his writings, he has contributed to Turkish cinema.

Turkali stated he is not approving the measures aiming at closing down ROJ TV. He called upon other Turkish debaters and intellectuals to take part in ROJ TV's shows and do not bow to restrictions imposed by the government. Turkali wished there should come a day when ROJ TV could broadcast within Northern Kurdistan and Turkey.