Friday, March 03, 2006

Roj TV is the voice of the people and no one can stop this voice!

After all their failed history for the last 80 years, built on false daydreaming, Turkey have once again at this very day, at the same time as they try to make their face white in front of Europe, tried to stop a voice of the millions of Kurdish people around the world. Even Turkey couldn't give this opportunity in Turkey for the Kurdish people who are 28 percent of Turkey. Turkey can't see that the individuals can hear and feel the livingness of their language.

Turkey have for many years tried desperately to destroy the Kurdish language. Today they are desperately trying to stop Roj TV, a centre for the Kurdish voice.

Kurdish people in Turkey are happy to watch Kurdish language programs broadcast by Roj TV. It makes them to realise the feeling of a dialogue in their own language, like every other people on the planet.

The Turkish paranoia to stop ROJ TV, is an even more totalitarian nightmare for Turkey itself. Because the dream of the national chauvinism internationally is a dream of the pure race which historically has proved to be a failure.

From a global, multicultural and discrepancy point of view, after all the failures of suppressing and cleansing of the Kurdish language and heritage in Turkey, the Kurdish resistant against the unjust Turkish policy are more strong than ever.

This national awakening of the Kurds towards Kurdish Language and identity is a respond to the Turkish states violation of human rights, and it wont stop. Turkey can't shut down the voice of Roj TV, and continue with its policy of human right violation, whilst trying to become a member of the democratic society.

Maybe Turkey will manage to shut down the voice of Roj TV, but they can never stop the Kurdish will for justice and human right.


Kurdish Writer

March 2006