Wednesday, March 01, 2006

News Dissector

News Dissector

By : Danny Schechter

February 8, 2006


McConnel may not agree on this point, but the PKK (Kurdish militants-connection to Roj-TV has never been proven solidly. And who these days could not risk to be called terrorists and for what reasons? Roj-TV is actually based in CPH, and one of the issues we talked over with indicted Turkish writer/composer, Ferhat Tunc, last week was the threat that the Danish Government would try to close down the station - because of the Turkish Government's opposition. Because of this incidence with Erdogan our Government commissioned the Public Prosecutor to scrutinize Roj-TV. If any "terrorist" content was found, the station would be closed down. They did not find any. BUT the the American Government leaned - still does - heavily on the Danish government to close it down anyway. So they set up another scrutiny to find possible PKK-funding. This of course would bring down Roj-TV as a terrorist platform as well. So far nothing has been found - and believe you me they will look as carefully as the Americans did for WMD's!

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