Friday, April 28, 2006

Interrogation and harassments of DTP ( Democratic Society Party) mayors

Interrogation and harassments against 56 DTP mayors , whom in connection to the unjust campaign against ROJ TV had sent a letter to the Danish prime minister is continuing.

After interrogating the mayor of Misirci , The prosecuting office have interrogated the mayors of Gever, Nus êbin, Hezekh, and Piran.

The mayor in Gever Salih Yildiz , today reported to the prosecutor office and was interrogated in connection to the signing of a letter in support of ROJ TV . Yildiz reitrated his position and stated that , millions of people are watching ROJ TV and its closure does not do any good for Turkey.

The mayor of Hezekh Resul Sadak and the mayor of Bêshebab Faik Dursun were summoned to the to prosecuting office in Shirnax for the same reason . After interrogation , the mayor of Hezekh Resul Sadak pointed out : In Kurdistan and in the Middle East millions of people watch ROJ TV , Its closure will be a disservice to the freedom of press and democratic culture.

The mayor of Bêshubab Faik Dursun for his part indicated, they stand behind their signatures and added , %99 of our electorates are watching ROJ TV .

The mayors conveyed the message that whatever their electorates desire , they should try to implement.

The mayor of Nusêbin Mehmet Tanhan and Abdullah Akengin the mayor of Piran gave similar answers to the interrogators.

The other day the Mayor of Misirce had answered the questions of the Prosecuting office.

Source : ROJ TV News Centre