Saturday, April 22, 2006

WINDOW ON HER WORLD: Kurd Rabia Celikmilek

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from the April 21, 2006 edition

WINDOW ON HER WORLD: Kurd Rabia Celikmilek (r., with daughter at home) watches Roj TV. Turkey says it's a terrorist mouthpiece.


Denmark, again? Now it's under fire for hosting Kurdish TV station.

Turkey says the satellite network Roj TV is a mouthpiece for Kurdish terrorists.

By Yigal Schleifer | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY – From her small apartment in this ancient city, Rabia Celikmilek has access to the entire world. A satellite dish on the roof of her crumbling brick building streams 452 TV channels, with programs from almost every continent.

But Ms. Celikmilek, a Kurd who doesn't speak Turkish, says she only watches Roj TV, a Kurdish channel based in Denmark.

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Friday, 04/21/06