Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Judge for Yourself

The Public opinion and policy makers in Europe and United states are exposed constantly to the slanderous and unfounded accusation of ROJ TV by Turkish mainstream press and television outlets. ROJ TV broadcasts free from repressive media regulations in Turkey , with total compliance to universal code of conduct for media .

The organisations claiming to defend the freedom of expression and the right of

journalists to professionally conduct their duty in imparting information, Such as World Federation of Journalists , Article 19 and Reporters without Borders in the case of ROJ TV ,and the unjust campaign against it have remained silent.

According to which moral and international code of press ethics and broadcasting

regulations Turkish press and mainstream media constantly spread hatred against Kurdish people in Turkey and label them as terrorists ? what sort of principle justifies this silence from the part of aforementioned organisations ?

ROJ TV broadcasts 18 hours programming daily , there is no word or footage found in those broadcasting to be negative vis-a-vis the Turkish culture or the Turkish people, just check the way the opposite does concerning kurds, in their covering of Kurdish issue . The following two items are just examples among extensive slandering and baseless accusations against ROJ TV

Save ROJ TV Team