Thursday, April 20, 2006

Çiçek: There are enough evidence for closing down ROJ TV

Hurriyet 19 April 2006, 18:08

Ankara (A.A.)

The Justice Minister Cemil Çiçek said , "If Denmark wants to decide about closing down ROJ TV there are enough evidence "

Çiçek in, Turkish parliament while answering to the questions of reporters said, The Foreign ministry is working on in connection to the closing down ROJ TV.

He said "Interior ministry is in constant contact with them, they forward any evidence gets to their hands to foreign ministry "On the latest evidence about ROJ TV interior ministry has prepared a file and have handed over it to foreign ministry. He pointed out that the Foreign and deputy prime minister Abdullah Gul posses needed information on the case. "In my view the evidences which so far have been handed in ( to Denmark ) are enough for closing down the station, but it is very clear, it seems there is a very open support given to the terrorist organisation, it can not be denied in any way. The terrorist Organisation's most highly placed leaders are talking at that TV channel, and it is evidently written on the front of the table, there are pictures there as well. It means, if Denmark wants to decide on this case there are enough evidence"

Translated from Turkish
Source: Hurriyet on line