Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dilemma of ''restriction'' in Kurdish broadcasting

AMED (Diyarbekir) (DİHA) -In Turkey where about 542 local, national and regional institutions make limitless broadcasting in Turkish without any hindrance, many restrictions are brought on local televisions which were permitted to air 4 hour in ' local languages and dialects'.

Inspite of claims of authorities as '' the way of Kurdish broadcasting is opened'' about the subject of Kurdish broadcasting, There are bluffs among institutions broadcasting in Turkish and those in other languages. The televisions which took the permission of screening in local languages and dialects in last month, can make airing 4 hour 45 minute in a week. The flow of airing which have to be subtitled should be sent to RTUK( High Councill of Radio and Television) daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Broadcasting oriented to language education, motion picture, discussions, religious programs, documentaries and advertisements were not included in this restricted right of broadcasting.

Turkish deciphering of the broadcasting should be sent to RTUK for RTUK does not have staff member knowing Kurdish.

Hundreds of national and local TV

The broadcatings in Turkish are not subjected to any restriction except the rules determined by RTUK . While there is no Kurdish TV broadcasting 24 hour in Turkey, the number of national televisions which took licence from RTUK is 24, regional television is 16 and local television 214. Also until now 36 national radio, 101 regional radio and 951 local radios had taken licence from RTUK.

On the other hand while the number of televisions who took permission for broadcasting over satellite is 86, the number of radio is 49. The number of institutions making cablecasting is 65 according to data of RTUK. In Turkey where 542 institutions broadcast in Turkish, Kurdish televisions should settle for 4 hour in a week.

While Kurdish broadcasting faces big hindrances, many televisions including ROJ TV, KTV, KURDSAT, Zagros TV, MMC, Rojhelat TV ,Sahar 2 are broadcasting over satellite for Kurds in Turkey.



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