Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Danish-based Kurdish TV plans 24-hour news channel

The head of Roj TV, a Kurdish-language satellite TV station based in Denmark, says that he plans to set up a 24-hour Kurdish language news station - a proposal likely to anger Ankara which deems the satellite broadcaster a tool of the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Turkey, seeking European Union entry, has lifted a ban on Kurdish language broadcasting; but in practice tight limitations on television and radio remain, presenting Roj with its market. Turkish media, linking the station to separatist guerrilla violence that has killed over 30,000 since 1984, have compared Roj TV to an al Qaeda channel. The United States the European Union and Ankara regard the PKK as a terrorist organisation.

Manouchehr Tahsili Zonoozi says his channel, a mix of news, culture and entertainment with a Kurdish theme, provides objective uncensored journalism. Denmark has effectively backed this, he said, in turning down Turkey's demands to shut the broadcaster. He said it was only a matter of time before he added a 24-hour news channel to his media outlets, which include a radio station and music TV channel. Wealthy Kurds and advertising pay the 35 million euro bill. He said the Danish government had already given him the licence and he just has to find the extra cash.

(Source: Reuters)

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