Friday, April 07, 2006

Turkey once again calls on Denmark to close Kurdish TV-station

March 31st 2006 - 21:3o

The Turkish Foreign Minister in a phone call to Per Stig Møller reiterates his call on Denmark to have closed a Kurdish TV-station.

The Turkish government reiterated today its call on Denmark to close the Kurdish satellite TV-station Roj-TV, which transmits from Copenhagen into Turkish territory.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül said so on Turkish TV. Gül made a phone call to Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller about the subject.

Turkey incriminates Roj-TV for being a mouthpiece of violent Kurdish separatists.

Fogh co responsible

The Turkish government and several media consider Anders Fogh Rasmussen (the Liberal Party "Venstre" )co responsible for the unrest in Diyarbakir, the major city of Kurdish dominated South Eastern Turkey earlier this week. Roj -TV in this context transmitted news from the proscribed Kurdish organization PKK.

Per Stig Møller answered, according to Gül, that he understood the Turkish preoccupation but he did not promise any intervention against Roj-TV.