Friday, April 28, 2006

The pressures on mayors are mounting

The 56 mayors of DTP who in support of ROJ TV have petitioned the Danish government are facing the harassments of state authorities.

After the interrogation of the mayors of Misirce, Gever, Nis êbin , Hezekh , Bêshebab and Piran , the mayor of Erxeni was interrogated yesterday

The mayor of Erxeni Nadir Bingol , because of his support to ROJ TV was interrogated by Public Prosecutor Office in Erxeni.

He left his answers in writing, he pointed out later , he and his colleagues as DTP affiliated mayors , have conveyed the letter as a reflection of the desire of their electorates , and they stand behind what is said in the letter.

The 56 DTP mayors , in december 27, 2005 on behalf of millions of their electorates had sent a letter of support and solidarity with ROJ TV to Danish Prime minister.

In the meantime the deputy mayor of Wêranshar Naif Aslan was fined, due to the appearance of his pictures in ROJ TV during the Newroz celebrations in the area.

He protested against this verdict and described that as an anti-democratic act.

Source : ROJ TV News Centre