Monday, April 03, 2006

To the public Opinion!

The last week's events in Kurdistan the mass demonstrations and protests and their aftermath, are continuing to be the headlines in Turkey.

The collective murder of 14 guerrillas by allegedly chemical weapons in the mountainous areas of Mus and their funeral ceremonies which turned to massive protest demonstrations, are blamed on ROJ TV by media in Turkey and foreign ministry bureaucrats.

The television stations in Turkey, the press and Turkey related web sites in a concerted effort continue their campaign against ROJ TV. Instead of describing the cause of the events and their intensification, they keep accusing ROJ TV. The are trying to extensively manipulate the events and blame the situation on the European Union and Danish government.

As always, the state authorities have not taken any serious measures towards the democratisation process of Turkey and a possible political solution to the Kurdish question. Instead of finding lasting solutions to the problems, they are busy with accusing European union, the neighbouring countries and the internal organisations in a very simplistic and naive way.

In November 2005 , in Shemzinan two army officers attached to the Turkish Army bombed a local bookshop. They were caught red-handed on the scene by the people, and were handed over to the Judiciary authorities. The Turkish army and main stream media in Turkey tried in vain to blame ROJ TV to be the instigator. ROJ TV just reported the event in a normal news program like any other media. But the head of

Turkish intelligence office Sabri Uzun and Van prosecutor Ferhat Sarikaya who compiled Shemzinan indictment, had both declared openly that ROJ TV had nothing to do with the incident. These two bureaucrats by disclosing the lies of National Security Council, were exposed to severe punishment after a tough public statement issued by NSC's presidency. Sabri Uzun was removed from his job for accusing the elements attached to the Turkish military, and Van prosecutor is still under interrogation.

Seeing it from rather broader perspective, this systematic attacks on ROJ TV is not a coincidence. The Turkish National Security Council presidency in a press conference on 19 July 2005 openly have declared: "The Turkish army is not tolerating ROJ TV, and expecting cooperation of Media for closing it down as an urgency". In the meeting of Higher anti-terror organisation, under the auspices of Abdullah Gul the Foreign Minister, extensive decisions for curtailment of press and their banning have been taken.

But in spite of all these pressures and smearing attacks ROJ TV continue with its objective programs, in compliance with the universal principles of broadcasting.

ROJ TV Managing Board
31 March 2006