Monday, April 03, 2006

The Head of DTP ( Democratic Society Party) Batman Branch got arrest warrant for his talking to ROJ TV

Batman ( 02.04.2006)- The head of Batman branch of DTP , Ayhan Karabulut who in connection to recent events in Batman had given an interview to ROJ TV, was taken into custody and was brought before the court released , but due to the protest of the public prosecutor office he got an arrest warrant from a higher court.

The head of Batman branch Ayhan Karabulut , last week had spoken to ROJ TV about the events in Batman and had been detained on Saturday.

Today in the morning hours Karabulut appeared before the prosecuting office , and demanding his arrest he was sent before the on guard court. The court put a travel ban on him to abroad and in waiting for forthcoming trial let him go free. The prosecutor office protested this decision by the Peace time criminal court , The latter court issued an arrest warrant , but Karabulut via his lawyer appealed to the higher court.

Source : ANF News Agency