Saturday, April 15, 2006

We condemn the attempts of the Turkish government for closing down ROJ TV

Lately the Turkish government has intensified its attempts against ROJ TV.
The Turkish government does not refrain from using any kind of weapon against the Kurdish People in the North of Kurdistan, even shoots the civilians. It also tries to kill all those voices which are exposing the facts and try to publicise the regime's atrocities against the people of Kurdistan. The attempts to closing down ROJ TV by turkish government are part of those repressive measures.

The Centre of Halabja vigorously condemns these excessive attempts. We consider all its pretexts baseless.

The Centre of Halabja offers its unequivocal support to ROJ TV and continuation of its broadcasting. We consider all attempts against ROJ TV as a sheer and direct opposition to the freedom of expression and freedom of thoughts.

The Centre of Halabja appeals to all concerned bodies, parties and associations, and all individuals who support the right of freedom of speech and of expression to join their voices with Chak and declare their support to ROJ TV.

The Centre of Halabja appeals to European Union, and in particular those countries, which legally are involved with the case of ROJ TV, that they shall not give in to the pressures and assaults on Freedom of expression by Turkey. If they remain silent and do not react accordingly, they will ultimately become a party to Turkey's crimes against Kurdish people.

The Centre of Halabja Against Anfal and Genocide of Kurdish People