Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Turkey, Welcome to EU

By: Kameel Ahmady & Sarah Keeler


Part of the article reads :

"...Turkey was also quick to blame European based Kurdish satellite TV station ROJ

TV, against which it has been conducting an undemocratic gag campaign for months, for inciting the current events. This is no coincidence, there has already been increasing pressure on ROJ TV to close its broadcasts, and now Turkey wishes to use these developments as further leverage in achieving its long-standing goal. ROJ TV makes the voice of many of the people in Kurdistan, and as such it has been virtually alone in providing transparent coverage of the true extent of human rights abuses by the Turkish army, in recent years. An example of such broadcasting was that of the Semdinli bombings in November of last year, when protests left a number of people dead, twenty eight people wounded, and drew much press attention..."