Monday, May 08, 2006

Sweden Receives Warning from Turkey over Roj TV

05.07.2006 Sunday - ISTANBUL 21:47

Sweden Receives Warning from Turkey over Roj TV
By Anadolu News Agency (aa), Ankara
Published: Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Turkish government has asked for an explanation from the Swedish government as to why Roj TV now airs its programs on Swedish cable.

Since Roj TV cannot broadcast its programs by radio waves, the satellite network airs its programs in Sweden through cable in certain subscription packages.

According to Foreign Ministry officials, the Turkish government asked for information from the Swedish Foreign Ministry officials over the Roj TV issue.

Necip Eguz, the Turkish Ambassador to Stockholm, made contact with Swedish officials from the Foreign Ministry asking to be informed about the issue at hand, and said that the Turkish government will make every concerted effort to press the Swedish government to stop Roj TV from airing in Sweden.

The Turkish government is currently pressing for the closure of Roj TV, as the satellite network is believed to be broadcasting programs that entice as well as guide the terror activities of PKK; government officials in Turkey delivered a report citing such evidence to Denmark among other countries.

Source : Zaman on Line