Saturday, April 29, 2006

Harassments, detention and arrests are increasing

Late, this afternoon the mayor of Shemrex district Nuran Atli ,was interrogated for signing a letter , supporting ROJ TV together with other mayors.

Atli in her answer, stated that closing down of ROJ TV will not be useful in no way for finding a solution to the Kurdish question.

After interrogating several DTP mayors for sending a letter to Danish Prime minister Anders Fogh Rassmusen , this time the mayors of Shemzinan, Esendere , Gimgim and Bazid were summoned for interrogation. They as their other colleague stated they have reflected the wishes of their electorates and they stand behind their position.

They pointed out the closing down of ROJ TV , will be a disservice to the solution of Kurdish question. They reiterated the fact that the majority of the population of their constituencies tune to the ROJ TV. They moreover demanded ROJ TV be allowed to broadcast in Turkey.

Source : ROJ TV News Centre

Wednesday 26 April,2006