Friday, May 25, 2007

Iran Introduces Measures Against ROJ TV

Iran introduces measures against Roj TV, confiscates satellite antennas
Iran has carried out an operation aimed at Kurdish station Roj TV, with all those having a satellite antenna enabling them to watch the channel, which broadcasts out of Denmark, facing a fine or even imprisonment.

In news reported on the Firatnews Web site, Iranian police are said to have confiscated thousands of satellite antennas. Those found in possession of the reception equipment could end up in court and liable for a $5,500 fine or imprisonment. The watching of satellite television has been prohibited since 1995 in Iran; before then Western music and movies were banned.
Turkey submitted three different applications for the closure of Roj TV back in June 2006, under the justification that it was inciting violence and spreading racism. But the Danish Media Secretariat, which issued Roj TV the necessary licence for broadcast, rejected all three of Turkey’s applications and allowed Roj TV to continue broadcasting.
(Source: Today’s Zaman)


At 28/5/07 1:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there should be less control. Closing down is not the solution.


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