Monday, November 28, 2005

in response to the slanderous Claims of authorities in Turkey

A statement by Mr. Abdolla Hejab
in response to the slanderous Claims of authorities in Turkey

To the public opinion

As part of the continuous denial policy of Turkey towards the Kurdish people, the officials have started a comprehensive fierce campaign against Roj TV. The campaign, which is far from any democratic values, aims to distort the image, silence the Kurdish voice and try to impose the anti Kurdish mentality of the Turkish system on the international community. For years a such anti democratic campaign has been targeting the people, the democratic institutions, media channels and even Kurdish individuals.

Recently an official statement has been issued from the Security General Directorate, claiming that I was the official in charge of Roj TV and this was used as a proof of Roj TV and myself being linked to the PKK. The aim of the Turkish regime from issuing such a statement is to use my appearance in a programme on Roj TV as a proof to legitimise its request of closing down Roj TV.

The statement and the subsequent campaign are so remote from reality and logic that does not require a reply.

Although it has been along time that I have no party or political affiliations with any Kurdish political party or organisation. For me the democratic standards and human right values which have been codified in the universal charters are the highest values. I support therefore any Kurdistani organisations, which act according to these values to pursue the Kurdish rights.

Roj TV is the voice of Kurdistan therefore its protection against the illegitimate Turkish campaign is the duty of any democratic and patriotic person.
Abdolla Hejab