Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A message from TARA WELAT

The fact that Turkey is trying to limit the Kurdish people's freedom of speech is nothing new. Many have rightly commented that Turkey must change and democratize in its bid for European membership.

What is interesting is that the next few years is not only a test for Turkey - to see whether it will internalize the concept of democracy and minority rights. It is just as much a test for Europe to see whether it will be able to stand up to its professed ideals. As Turkey tries to export its demagogy outside of its borders and insists that its discriminatory and anti-democratic views be practiced abroad, there is a chance that instead of Turkey becoming westernized, the EU may become Turkified.

I applauded the Danish PM's public stand not to exclude ROJ TV reporters from the press conference with Erdogan and hope that Danish officials will continue to uphold that principled stand despite the pressures to close ROJ TV.