Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Denmark's official stance: No legal obstacle against Roj TV

A Kurdish delegation from the 'International Kurdish Social Organizations Federation' (YEKITI) in Russia visited the Danish embassy in Moscow to discuss Turkey's bid in pushing Denmark to close down the Kurdish satellite TV channel Roj TV and get clarity in Denmark's official stance in that issue. Coming out from the meeting, Merab Samoyev, the chairman of YEKITI, told reporters from the Kurdish news agency ANF that Denmark's official stance was that there were no legal obstacles in front of Roj TV and that allegations brought forward by Turkey against Roj TV are unfounded. YEKITI consists of the Kurdish Cultural Autonomies Federation, the Yezidi Union, the Free Women Organization and the Dostani magazine published all over Russia and neighboring states.



At 15/12/05 12:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brusk said...

RojTV is a symbol of democracy. If Turkish authority is not in favour of aTV station then this prove of a state as Turkey does not have any respect for Freedom of Speech and democratic behaviour. That should be enough for European country to see that Turkey will never obey the rule of democracy. Turkish government is scared of the independent news, current affair and cultural program which is broadcast via RojTV which Kurdish and Turkish people benefit from it! Because that shows the reality face of stories that has been taken away from people by Turkish Authority/government.
Bîji RojTV û xebatkarên vê! RojTV should be never stop broadcasting and we hope the Danish democratically minded authorities do not give in for Turkey’s pressures.



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