Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today Wednesday 4 January 2006 at 17.30 central European time Kurdistan TV broadcast a special program to defend the right of ROJ TV to continue its programming unmolested.

The program was live, in which a representative from ROJ TV Mr Bunyad Ciziri , Mr. Osman Baydemir the mayor of greater Diyarbekir (Amad) and Mr. Sedat Yurdash the deputy of chairpersons of Democratic Society Party (DTP) from Diyarbekir hosted the program.

The program which was linked up with ROJ TV, certainly could be considered as a turning point for Kurdish media.

The participants emphasised the importance of ROJ TV for Kurdish viewers and for promoting democratic culture in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey.

According to Kurdistan TV, the same program will be sent again on Thursday morning 10:00 am Southern Kurdistan local time.