Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chairman of METV A/S and ROJ TV A/S

Henrik C. Winkel, Lawyer
Carl Baggers Allé 32,DK- 2920 Chl

Mesopotamia Broadcast
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 39
1553 Copenhagen V

Copenhagen , February 2nd 2006 Journal no.: 4702-hcW


As chairman of METV A/S and ROJ TV A/S I have been requested to expound the situation in connection with the accusation made against ROJ TV concerning the alleged economic relation with the PKK.

Till the present moment we have not been confronted with the case from the police point of view and we have received no material related to it nor the notification submitted to the police.

I have contacted both the Public Prosecutor and the District Attorney of Copenhagen, Michael Jørgensen, who is in charge of the investigation, and in writing I have made informed the authorities that ROJ TV, the accountant of the company and the undersigned will be at their disposal with any kind of information that we shall be able to procure.

It is obvious that the case has a political aspect which certainly plays an important role, and this is reinforced by the situation recently created with the drawings in the daily Jyllandsposten. To this must be added that the Public Prosecutor reportedly from American authoriries has received some material to clarify the allegations upon which the all the accusations submitted to the police are based. Nor have we seen any of this material.

As you will know METV and ROJ TV are managed according to common business principles, but the transmissions are of course specifically aimed at Kurdish citizens, a circumstance which is also reflected in the wording used in the transmissions.

From the beginning has been clearly stated that METV and ROJ TV will not have any political aim, but solely transmits news, entertainment, children and debate programmes and therefore would be a support for the Kurds irrespectively of in which country they be residents.

From the beginning both METV and ROJ TV have enjoyed the support of the Kurds residing in Denmark, and the Middle East, which has been necessary altogether to start up these transmissions. This support is still a factor that and constitutes a decisive contribution to the total economy.

There were never any conditions attached to the contributions to METV and ROJ TV and there is absolutely no relation, be it derect or indirect with PKK, as some Turkish authorities have claimed. And we must therefore rebut and reject the allegations submitted as devoid of any reality.

We remain calm awaiting the result of the investigation which the police is undertaking just now and as already stated our sole interest is contributing to clarifying to the fullest extent the circumstances.

At this moment it is not possible to say when the case can be closed, but I presume this will happen within a foreseeable future.

In case further information should be desired I a shall of course be at your disposal.

Kind regards

Henrik C. Winkel