Friday, January 06, 2006

A Message from Amoshaun Toft

I am writing in support of Roj TV. It is important that everyone have an outlet for seeking information and opinions that are specific to their cultural perspective. Danmark has offered refuge to many Kurds in the past 10 years, but has provided little more than an expectation that they assimilate and forget their language and culture in order to assume a Danish identity. This has resulted in a great deal of racism in Danmark, aimed at marginalizing Kurdish immigrants. I whitnessed this myself in 1996 when i spent time in Danmark, and was outraged at the attitude of many Danish citizens.

Maintaining a mediated space for Kurds to maintain ties with their culture and information about the kurdish people is very important to anyone living in a new and different place. Removing this service from the Danish broadcast spectrum would be a grave dis-service to the Kurdish people and indeed to all Danish citizens.